The elephants of Africa are once again under serious threat due to large scale poaching for their ivory tusks.


The current poaching surge is resulting in an estimated  25,000 elephants being killed throughout Africa each and every year. This equates to approximately one elephant being killed every 15 minutes to supply the black market demand for ivory.


The Askari Project has been set up to raise funding and support for elephant conservation and the protection of some of the last Great Tuskers of Africa. This funding and support will be directed to the operations and on the ground efforts of The Tsavo Trust.


The Tsavo Trust is a Kenyan not-for-profit organisation based in the Greater Tsavo ecosystem. Their vitally important work in this famous region involves protecting and conserving Kenya's largest remaining population of elephants which include some of the last Great Tuskers of Africa. 


Askari is the swahili word for soldier. It is a term often given to young bull (male) elephants found in the company of larger, older and more experienced bulls. These young bulls learn many things from their more experienced teacher, things they will need to become a dominant bull of the future. In return these ‘askaris’ serve as a posse providing company and security to the older bull with many eyes and ears more effective at detecting threats and dealing with dangers. With the present dangers that all elephants, especially these older bulls currently face due to the escalation in ivory poaching they urgently need our help as well.


This project was developed to be another ‘askari’ to these older bulls. They have much to teach, not only to the younger generations of elephants but also ourselves and they must be protected.


Your support of The Askari Project by purchasing products from our online shop & fundraising activities, visiting and 'liking' our facebook page, joining our mailing list via the Contact Askari webpage and spreading the word to get family, friends and colleagues involved directly helps in their preservation and would be greatly appreciated.


Their future is in our hands and the success of this project depends on a large and passionate following of elephant lovers' and their generous support, so please assist this project wherever you can.


 Click on The Tsavo Trust logo for more detail on their work & activities on the ground in Tsavo and where the funds generatedby The Askari Project are directed.



*** The Askari Project is fully registered & compliant with The Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.