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Sketch of Iconic Tsavo Tusker : SA-1

Talented South African artist Mr Dawie Fourie has painstakingly sketched a remarkable series of iconic Tsavo Tuskers exclusively for The Askari Project in our attempts to raise money for elephant conservation in Tsavo, where these amazing elephants have been monitored as part of the Big Tusker Project run by the Tsavo Trust.


Some of the bulls in this series are no longer with us, either illegally killed through poaching or have died of old age. This particular elephant "Satao" (SA-1) was sadly poached in May 2014. His tusks have never been found or recovered. The death of Satao reported around the world at the time was one of the catalysts for the formation of The Askari Project and our efforts to raise funds for the continued protection of other rare Tuskers.


Elephants such as SA-1 have all belonged to a very rare & exclusive club - "Tuskers" which is a name given to elephants who tusks weigh in excess of 100lbs (45kgs). Due to hunting & poaching throughout Africa over many decades Tuskers are now incredibly rare in Africa and it is estimated only 15-20 remain on the entire continent today.


Tsavo is one of the last places on earth one can still see incredible elephants of this size and they are the driving force behind the efforts of The Askari Project.